This is an audio reactive visualizer that is based on a previous experiment about representing audio through sections of a worm’s body. The goal was to get the worm to look similar to black glass. The large worm’s body is divided into 11 sections that represent the FFT analysis data. When the corresponding group of frequencies surpasses a certain threshold, that section of the worm becomes lighter in color, the surrounding rings become lighter, the radius of that section becomes larger and particles are emitted from the surrounding rings. Once the particles have been emitted, they fade, change color and become larger over time, while reacting to large changes in the beat. The large worm explores the empty space. On large beat hits, it will hurry forward and if a major song change is detected, may even do a choreographed move, like a spiral or zig-zag. The large worm is followed by many smaller, simpler worms that flock along its body. They change color and repel from the worm body on large beats hits. The light scattering effect in the background reacts to the audio, becoming more prominent on louder beats and it also changes color over time or due to dramatic changes in the audio.
Audio – Running Thoughts by Deerhoof