One of our alcohols of choice is vodka. If we are going to drink it, we should be drinking our favorite. So, we hosted a blind taste test to determine which one was in fact our favorite. P Diddy went on the Ellen show and did a blind taste test to see if he could pick out his own brand of vodka, Ciroc, and did successfully, assuming it wasn’t rigged.

However, we wanted to pick our favorite, not guess which brand was which. We chose six vodkas based on what we normally drink or thought was good quality. We normally buy Svedka because it is cheap and we think it is a good bang for your buck. We had to include Ciroc because of P Diddy.


The results based on 13 participants:

  1. Grey Goose $30
  2. Kettle One $32
  3. Stoli $23
  4. Tito’s $26
  5. Ciroc $34
  6. Svedka $16

Prices are for 750ml bottles

There was a clear winner and loser. Everyone had their own scorecard and rated the vodkas most favorite to least favorite. Or if they hated vodka, whichever tasted least like rubbing alcohol to most repulsive. Grey Goose won by a landslide and Svedka placed far behind in dead last. I was really hoping that Svedka would place higher, since it was the cheapest. Ciroc placed second to last and was the most expensive. Not a good deal. Stoli seems to be the best value at $23 and coming in third place overall and in the top two in my ratings.

People’s Choice

Grey Goose Winner

Personal Favorites

Everyone’s taste is different, and I don’t really care if other people like what I drink. So my top choices were Stoli and Tito’s which are in the mid price range. Svedka again, dead last in my rankings, both rounds getting a “horrible” note to myself.
Personal Favorites

We served the vodkas in non-descript bottles so that people would not be influenced by the label or bottle shape.

Non-Descript Bottles

Each person got their own shot glass and poured the non-labeled vodka into it. Everyone had a score card and needed to rank the vodkas based on the bottle number from their favorite to least favorite .

Shot Glasses

Mid Pour

Not Her Fav


Tasting vodka straight up while stone cold sober is not appealing. So Gabe made a “palate loosener” with the goal of reducing the shock for the first shot.

Special Drink

The score card and a pile of people’s notes and ratings.