A while ago I wrote some circle packing code to pack as many circles into a image based on colors. I had some free time and I didn’t want to stare at the computer anymore so I ran the software on the OF logo and made this design.
OF 007 XCode project available on github: https://github.com/NickHardeman/CirclePacker
In the 600 x 600px image there are 201 circles and the software took 7.35 minutes to complete. Could use some optimization, but it worked as well as I needed it to. 🙂

I printed the pdf on my crappy printer, taped the 4 pieces of paper together to make a larger logo and then painstakingly cut out all of the circles with an xacto knife.

OF Circle Packed Stencil

I liked the imperfections that would be inevitable due to the uneven paper and human error while spray painting the stencil onto a shirt. I really like the inconsistant components; the spray paint, the cut outs and the uneven stencil visualizing computer generated conciseness.

OF Circle Packed T - Shirt

Now the shirt is available for purchase on spreadshirt, with some of the proceeds going to OF! woohoo. It comes in many different sizes and colors. Get one now.