Remnant from Design I/O on Vimeo.

“Remnant is an interactive installation that allows visitors to playfully explore the life and death of a star, creating fantastic supernovas that leave behind generative nebulae, pulsars, and black holes.

Visitors hold out their hands to attract and gather matter which builds up the mass of their star, moving its lifecycle forward. Stars released by visitors into the space then interact with other stars, matter and planetary bodies based on gravitational force. Some stars might end up orbiting each other as a binary star system, while others might collapse in on themselves triggering a supernova.

Each supernova produces a generative remnant unique to each participant. The generated remnants become a backdrop to the ongoing installation, reflecting traces of past visitors until a black hole is introduced and absorbs all visible light.” – Design I/O

To view the full description and a full list of credits, please visit the Design I/O project page.

Made while Minister of Interactive Art at Design I/O.