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OF Flag with ofxBullet Soft Bodies

OF Flag

Having some fun with soft bodies in ofxBullet

Reclaim Wasted Xcode GBs

My computer has been getting low on hard drive space and I thought it might be a good time to clean up after XCode. A few simple tasks gave me back over 60 gigabytes of wasted XCode files.

Derived Data

The simplest task is to remove the folders inside the DerivedData folder that XCode uses to profile projects.
The DerivedData folder might be located at ~/Library/Developer/XCode/DerivedData
If the folder is non-existent or it is empty and you have opened at least one XCode project, the DerivedData folder might be set to a different location. Open XCode and click XCode > Preferences. Navigate to the Locations tab on the top right and locate the Derived Data section. Click on the small arrow to reveal the folder in the finder.

XCode Derived Data Folder

Delete the folders inside the DerivedData folder. This alone gave me back over 30 GBs. In the below example there are only two folders inside DerivedData, so in this case delete those two folders.

DerivedData Finder

Remove XCode Build Folders

XCode makes build folders to store files to speed up compilation times. If you are no longer working with the project, you won’t need faster compile times, so you should get that HD space back.
We can use the find command to locate all directories with the name build and delete them, but only before asking. This post breaks down the command. The command is
find . -type d -name 'build' -ok rm -rf {} \;

The . tells the command to traverse the hierarchy starting with the current folder. -type d limits the search to directories and the -ok asks before executing the code to the right of it. Make sure to navigate to the folder you wish to start with using cd. For example, executing
cd ~/Documents/myprojectfolder/
and then executing
find . -type d -name 'build' -ok rm -rf {} \;
would find all directories with the name build in the myprojectfolder and its children. For every directory it finds, it will ask if it should delete it. Type y for yes and n for no.

Keep in mind that if you choose to delete the folder, it will also remove all of its contents. So if you have another folder that is named build, make sure it is one that you want to delete!

Anhinga a.k.a. Snake Bird

Snake Bird

Snake Bird – 4′ x 3′ – acrylic on canvas, 2015 Nick Hardeman

SnakeBird Closeup Wing

Making of “Deserve”

Deserve Video Image

Click the above image to view the finished application and to download for free.

Bruzed asked me to make an interactive music video for his audio track Deserve that “would melt people’s faces.”

I came up with the idea of a running herd of creatures.
Around the same time, I came across 21 Panoramic Photos That Went Horribly Wrong.
The image below felt like it might be a good fit for making people slightly uncomfortable.


I sketched out how the body might look and the structure of the bones.

Deserve Dog

Then I modeled the lil weird half dog in Blender, rigged him up and animated a few walk/run cycles.

Weird Dog Rig in Blender

I needed a way to control animations that were baked into a 3D model and thought FBX would be a good format, because if Unity uses it, it must be pretty decent.

Took me a while to complete the ofxFBX addon and have it ready for deployment. I was finally able to read in the 3d model with animations in OpenFrameworks!

The skipping video below didn’t quite capture the feel that we were looking for. A bit too happy and care free.


Configuring OSX for a Long Term Installation from OF

Blair Neal has a great blog post about configuring an OSX computer to run an installation for ever.

I have been working on a ofxMacUtils addon with utils for making this process easier, so you don’t have to manually adjust the settings. It is still being developed, but thought it might be useful.

It has been tested on OSX 10.8 – 10.10 and OF v0.08. Any feedback would be appreciated ( through github, the comments on my blog don’t seem to be functioning properly).


A gui application for quickly configuring a mac for a long term installation.
Download the
Screen Shot 2015-03-14 at 7.52.25 PM

We like to use the energy saver schedule in the system preferences to set the computer to shut down and start up at specific times. Avoiding third party apps for this leads to a more universal understanding of how to set the schedule. Most system admins will know how to set the schedule via system preferences. However, one issue that I have run into recently (OSX 10.10) is this message.
Screen Shot 2015-03-10 at 1.54.15 PM

The computer is either trying to restart or shutdown based on the schedule or manually selection and the OF app is preventing it from completing that task.

The addon includes an example for avoiding this issue.

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