ofxBullet Examples from Nick Hardeman on Vimeo.

ofxBullet is an addon for OpenFrameworks for the incredible Bullet Physics library. Included are all of the primitive shapes; sphere, cone, capsule, box and cylinder. Joints are supported as well, between two shapes and a shape and a location. Collision events can be enabled to fire an event. The object passed contains information about the collision, including the two colliding objects, the location of the collision, etc. Mouse events can be enabled as well, and pass an event similar to the collision events. Mouse grabbing is also supported. The custom shape example illustrates passing a mesh from a loaded collada file (the OF logo) and building the bullet shape. This custom shape class also takes all of the primitives and supports multiple meshes.

These screen captures are from the included examples; Simple, Events, Joints and Custom Shapes.

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ofxBullet: Source Code

Bullet Physics

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