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Sound Boards

Modulate your voice to create boards in real time. Size is based on volume and color is based on pitch. Then they drop onto a spinning circular saw that slices them. Using OpenFrameworks and ofxBullet for the physics.

Sound Board - Audio Visualizer using physics

Scream Splode

Over inflate using your voice until it bursts. The louder the noise, the bigger the explosion. In this recording, made it a lower volume to burst since screaming into the screen was causing the sleeping baby to stir.

Scream Slice

Experiment with using my voice to slice shapes. Shape size based on volume.

Orange Slice


“Field is a dynamic and ever changing interactive ecosystem, where visitors can transform and pollinate the environment using their bodies. Flowing particles of color driven by movement cause flowers to bloom and grow, attracting ever changing, dynamic butterflies who interact with the plants, flowers and visitors to help pollinate the space.

Seasons are marked by dramatic changes in the environment and the visual language of the experience. From lush flowing grasses to more abstract stylized cattails, each season is rich, immersive and inviting, engaging visitors of all ages in playful, unique ways.” – Design I/O

To view the full description and a full list of credits, please visit the Design I/O project page.

Made while Minister of Interactive Art at Design I/O.

Audio Cleaners

Creating noise balls with my voice. Audio cleaners come and keep the area tidy.

Pitch Draw

Moving particles with sound. Pitch of my voice controls direction, color and size; volume influences speed. A 440 Hz would be perfect straight velocity…clickity clack of the keyboard.

Extrude Sphere

Controlling the parameters and audio with ofxMidiParameter and a Midi keyboard.

Gold Tubes

Signed Distance Screen Saver


Releasing this experiment as an OSX screen saver. Download, unzip and then double click to install.
By no means will this save your screen; it is rather GPU intense depending on number of monitors and resolution. I created a screen saver as a passive method to view digital artwork.

You may have to change your preferences to install the screen saver. System Preferences > Securty & Privacy > Allow Applications Downloaded from > Anywhere OSX >= 10.10

Select Screen Saver Options… located in the Screen Saver pane of System Preferences to change the options. Select 1 of 5 color modes or random to choose a different one each time the screen saver starts. There is also the ability to type in a message, limited to 140 chars total and 10 letters per word. Or the message can be disabled.






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