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Signed Distance Screen Saver


Releasing this experiment as an OSX screen saver. Download, unzip and then double click to install.
By no means will this save your screen; it is rather GPU intense depending on number of monitors and resolution. I created a screen saver as a passive method to view digital artwork.

You may have to change your preferences to install the screen saver. System Preferences > Securty & Privacy > Allow Applications Downloaded from > Anywhere OSX >= 10.10

Select Screen Saver Options… located in the Screen Saver pane of System Preferences to change the options. Select 1 of 5 color modes or random to choose a different one each time the screen saver starts. There is also the ability to type in a message, limited to 140 chars total and 10 letters per word. Or the message can be disabled.






Arnold Screen Saver

The screen saver displays random employee’s information and photograph, passively helping people learn others names or roles in the agency. The screen saver functions like employee flash cards and is powered by a database on the local office network. If the network is not detected, either the Arnold logo or Arnold R&D logo will appear, drop and break into circles.
Music by Magnetic Man “Flying into Tokyo”

You may download the Arnold screen saver for mac osx 10.6 or greater. Just unzip and double click the .saver file.


Arnold Logo Screen Saver

Arnold Logo Screen Saver

IMG_R&D Screen Saver

R&D Screen Saver