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Sound Boards

Modulate your voice to create boards in real time. Size is based on volume and color is based on pitch. Then they drop onto a spinning circular saw that slices them. Using OpenFrameworks and ofxBullet for the physics.

Sound Board - Audio Visualizer using physics

Scream Slice

Experiment with using my voice to slice shapes. Shape size based on volume.

Orange Slice

Audio Cleaners

Creating noise balls with my voice. Audio cleaners come and keep the area tidy.


Glades is an interactive, abstract representation of human introduced impacts on the Everglades ecosystem. You walk into a room with two reactive displays on a wall.
On the left, your body movement forms toxic blue algae on a simulated water surface. The more you interact with it, the more algae is formed; touching on the current issues that humans are introducing toxic elements into the Florida water supply.
On the right an invasive python wraps around your silhouette as you move about the space. The python is meant to be slightly uncomfortable as it slithers and wraps around your body; conveying how this non-native species has invaded the Everglades.
A large projection of a stylized Everglades landscape connects the two interactives. An anhinga flys, swims and lands between the two displays. The Anhinga is very iconic for me; the way it spreads its wings to dry them after a swim. The projection creates an immersive environment; a sense of the Everglades in its natural, untouched state.
Depth sensors track your movement, so you don’t need to hold or put on any tech, just move your body.



Screen Shot 2019-03-12 at 1.44.19 PM

Pitch Draw

Moving particles with sound. Pitch of my voice controls direction, color and size; volume influences speed. A 440 Hz would be perfect straight velocity…clickity clack of the keyboard.

Extrude Sphere

Controlling the parameters and audio with ofxMidiParameter and a Midi keyboard.

Gold Tubes

Particle Distance

Transform Feedback

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