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Coconut Still Life – Pen


NYC Skyline

NYC Skyline – 2016 – Watercolor + Pen – 20″ x 14″

I did several smaller study sketches before the final, below is one of them.


How to Add ofxSyphon to OpenFrameworks

Step by Step video on how to add ofxSyphon addon to an empty OpenFrameworks project. View in full screen.

It’s hard to read the framework search path. It is: “$(SRCROOT)/../../../addons/ofxSyphon/libs/Syphon/lib/osx”


Always wanted to figure out shadows.
Simple approach in OpenFrameworks. Cleaned it up and put it in an addon.

Shadows in OpenFrameworks

OF Flag with ofxBullet Soft Bodies

OF Flag

Having some fun with soft bodies in ofxBullet

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