New primitives that extend ofNode. ofPlane, ofSphere, ofIcoSphere, ofIcosahedron, ofCylinder, ofCone and ofBox.

Source Code:

OF 3dPrimitives

Calculate face normals to get a different lighting effect. Smooth normals is also a convenience function.

OF 3dPrimitives Vertex normals

Changing texture coords is easy, even after the primitive is created. Planes and meshes have the option to resize to the texture and do appropriate mapping for arb and non-arb textures. So repeat textures is easy to create.

OF 3dPrimitives tex coords

Easily map live videos.

OF 3dPrimitives - textured video

Manipulate the meshes by accessing the mesh faces individually. The texture coords will stay put. You can also access sides or parts of the mesh with functions like box.getSide( ofBox::FRONT );

OF 3dPrimitives - mesh manip

Calculate the normals based on the triangles (ofMeshFace) if you move the faces around in 3d space.

OF 3dPrimitives mesh manip